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Father Ron and son Alex jointly operate the company GPCARS4SALE.com, driven by Ron’s passion for motorsport and grand prix cars, which led to the inception of the company. With over 20 years of experience in the professional and international motorsport racing scene, Ron brings invaluable expertise to the table. Additionally, he is the founder of Racetrailer.com, specializing in race trailers.

Alex’s background lies in finance; he spends his days at a leading international M&A firm in the Netherlands, guiding buyers and sellers seeking to sell their companies or make acquisitions. However, beyond the realm of numbers and deals, he shares his father’s passion and love for motorsports, race cars, and sports cars.

Alex himself is an avid racer, actively participating in races on circuits, karting events, and sim racing. This hands-on experience further enriches his understanding of the industry.

Ron established GP Cars 4 Sale fueled by his profound admiration for race cars, particularly grand prix cars, a passion shared by his son, Alex. Their business venture isn’t motivated by fortune but rather by their genuine love for what they do.


Ron, Alex, and their team cater to race car enthusiasts and race teams from various countries. Their commitment, transparency, and fondness for classic grand prix and sports cars foster long-term relationships. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, novice race car enthusiast, or experienced collector, you can rely on our expertise, integrity, and meticulous attention to detail.

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By opening on an appointment-only basis, we ensure that your visit will be an experience of unparalleled distinction. When you step into our collection, you can be certain that you will enjoy the privilege of exclusive access to our meticulously curated space. Here, you can savor an up-close encounter with our exquisite collection, all within an ambiance of absolute safety and the utmost privacy.

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