Formula car with mixed original F1 parts

This red Formula car is a blend, constructed from no less than 12 different F1 cars from various years, featuring the body shape of a 2010 model reminiscent of Williams, Force India, Hispania Virgin, Sauber and Renault. The car boasts a dummy V8 Cosworth F1 engine with a genuine air intake, original F1 radiators on both sides, an authentic race seat once used by Nick Heidfeld, and Pirelli F1 tires mounted on real rims from Williams.

The nose is sourced from a Force India, the front wing from a Renault F1 driven by Alonso. The headrest comes from a Williams F1 car piloted by Nico Hulkenberg. Additionally, the car is equipped with real F1 brake discs, as well as genuine shock absorbers both in the front and rear. This extends to components such as wishbones, floor, and safety belts. The rear crash box and the wing assembly are derived from actual Formula 1 cars.

The entire vehicle is built around a tubular chassis, and to an untrained eye, this car appears to be a genuine Formula 1 car.

Most of the parts are genuine F1 components, including F1 tires and authentic F1 rims, a non-functional engine, real exhaust systems, genuine brake discs and calipers, a simulated tub, real seats and seatbelts, and authentic wishbones and brake ducts (from Williams). Additionally, the car features carbon show F1 cameras, a genuine F1 carbon floor and diffuser, a carbon F1 air intake/box, and a real F1 carbon crashbox, among others.

Constructed with fiberglass parts and incorporating genuine F1 carbon components and race wheels with travel tires, this car closely resembles a Formula One vehicle to the untrained eye. However, it cannot be converted into a race-ready car and is intended solely for display purposes.


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